The guides are all natives of the atoll and know the flats of this incredible lagoon like the back of their hand.

Our manager and head guide Kenny will be in charge of organizing your daily sorties. Every guide has his own skiff, equipped with 90- to 150-horsepower engines that will help you cover ground and fish numerous areas during your stay.




Informations Herlé

Herlé is in charge of marketing and communications, and will answer all your questions. He will organize your stay and give advice on the fishing. He has a profound knowledge of fishing travel and also knows his way around fishing for bonefish and permit on the flats. He is also constantly exploring new areas with our guides to help you have a great time fishing our areas.


Guide Clinton

Clinton Scavella is head guide at Crooked Island, a true professional with exceptional knowledge. Clinton will take you out, wading the remote flats and bays between Crooked Island and Acklins. His boat is also known as “The Plane” since its 150-hp engine will help anglers quickly access many hardly-fished areas, as they are really remote.


guide Elvis

Elvis is our « numero uno » guide at Acklins and a native of the northern area of the island, he literally knows the sheer size of the area by heart. He is very friendly and will quickly adapt to your specific needs, whether you’re hunting for bonefish on foot or for big permit, sharks or barracuda. His incredible, eagle-like vison will help anglers find fish even under the most adverse of conditions.



“A day without fishing is like a day without sunshine!” Here’s Jeffrey. He’ve been a bonefishing guide for 20 years. We cannot describe Jeffrey as anything else than a fish fanatic. He loves all forms of fishing, has a vast knowledge of the area and is always eager to share the experiences he’s learned about this wonderful sport fishing location.



Michael has been guiding for over eighteen years and likes wading creeks and open flats, specializing in bone fishing, Permit and Live bait fishing!